Web Design Trends in 2016: Capitalising on Improvements From 2015


One-and-a-half to ten years in the 21st century, there is the Internet, perhaps one of the biggest effects of technology on people is perhaps the greatest invention to date. So, it is clear that all industries related to the Internet, even in size and importance. Web design developed and in the same way, and in fact, the Internet is now the biggest platform for creativity. It is not surprising that many web design agencies around the world have gathered steam. But 2. Quarter of 2016 what is wrong with design trends which are followed so far?

Always down, it’s not only a design philosophy can lead to the fact that the fee in 2016, but in reality very little. Now, let’s look at some of the design trends that have either already appeared, or are on the verge of significance.

Fat color of picture: this is the clear winner. If you just look at some of the biggest brands and their websites, every one around the world for bold, colorful look-and-feel. This is also the reason of the contrast. So, rather than a simple, muted color combinations, we can expect the trend to effects, bold color pattern.

Raincoat-animation: We already said good-bye almost. Section GIF social media sites are always storm and slimmer by the day, it’s time to develop for animation, as it uses. Go ahead, stop waiting for them plane-jane animation and those ancient bonnell boot animation (okay, it’s already treated).

The material design language: With shadows and highlight subtle animations of interactions, material design the design was originally a philosophy invented by Google back in 2014. But instead is limited only to smartphones, and now he will gradually from numerous sites and most of them already display web pages on mobile devices based on Material design. Website design trends in 2016 to continue in the same direction, and you can expect even more fame material for design in the near future.

Notifications, staff break up: you may have already noticed. Quite a few sites, now supports push notifications from a web browser like Google Chrome, and it should prove to be an important item for websites depending on content sharing and even online business. And Yes, add personalization features, checklist as well.
The above sneak-peak will definitely give you the idea regarding the web design trends that predate your website needs to follow and to bring together those who can count on popularity. But Yes, there is one little detail that we missed here: – abstract design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Any design can work for you, sometimes even those who defies all trends, as described above. The key advice from the web site design company and are looking for flexible options in the industry. In short, we expect that the trends from last year are coming again, with more subtlety in 2016.

As companies try and keep the pace of development in design philosophy, there are certain web design company in Milton Keynes and Bedford, then flame with the improvement of existing design methods. Bright design is one such company that game with intuitive mobile websites that look as good as they act to change. If material design, animated slides, interactive web design, or something that is out of your 2016 design books, the design team at Bright design! certainly all of this and more You can contact and their competent customer service-the guys can certainly help you with your next online venture.


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