Top 3 Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2016


Social media is the life and soul of the modern human population. Obviously, with the height of the interest he holds in one average human life, a tendency which operates participate in it any person in a commercial or otherwise. Gone are the days when social media is only a tool for personal satisfaction, today it is the centre, where there are millions of enterprises. Almost every company has strengthened in social media marketing, not just promotion, but also the awareness of your products and services. The consequences that can have a presence on the Internet reputation of a company is quite powerful, because it is an open channel where customers give their opinions about your company and products. So let’s find out what’s hot in 2016 on the social media front:

1. Video Rage

Live video streaming all the rage these days. At this point, the world that people want to see and understand things as quickly as it happens, and thanks to the great progress in communication we can now even news around the world in minutes. With the advent of applications such as periscope and meerkat in 2015, video streaming hot and happening trend of 2016. Applications are defined so well that they’re both on iOS and Android and can power more than 100 000 videos every day. Social media marketers who are looking for new and innovative methods to promote their products-count your blessings with these applications because it functions as a phenomenal tool, with which you will reach your target audience to cheer.

2. E-commerce trends

Social media is a great tool for improving customer interaction and dedication. It is an open window for your business, as customers immediately after your comments and suggestions to your products or services. It was noted that in 2014 social media sales volume reaches as high as $ 3.3 million in the United States. Research and polls have proven that people believe that social media web site, more than one website when buying a product online. This affects the social media giants, the introduction of e-Commerce-oriented features that can help marketers promote their business. 360 Ad features Facebook and YouTube and other social media sites as a blessing for modern marketers than allowed for instant results and feedback about their products and operations involved with the products. Digital marketing experience should be smart enough to weave these features into your social media strategy and content for the best and happy marketing.

3. Mobile Mania

The smartphones are in trend today and none can deny the fact. 2015 showed a sharp increase in mobile traffic and so strikingly marked the year in which mobile desktop Internet traffic, which in most developed countries around the world. took Smartphones have communication technologies easier, and everyone wants to stay in motion. Today it is not only smartphones, but also smart watches and smart TV’s has become a Prime target for Digital marketers around the world as a means to sell their products and advertise Mobile applications have become so well known that a lot of people say that about 14% of online customers refuse to do any business with a company that has no presence on the Internet, which is not supported on the mobile device.


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