Technology, Discounts, Customer Education to Drive Telematics Auto Insurance


Insurers recognize the importance of discounts for the American and Canadian markets to penetrate. But it requires a combination of product features.

Something is seriously an insurance entrepreneur demanded in favor of a car in the United States of America and Canada. UBI is the assumption that grows in the hustle and bustle, in North America, according to data published BI-research. Market observers will be closely the growth of motor insurance to observed factors, the problems of the insurance industry. The figures show a rosy picture. Telematics based car insurance has increased a rise of 4.1% in 2015 to 6% in 2016 in North America. Growth is based on 19.2% in 2019. To achieve the role of telematics know-how to expand the market? Discounts customers can raise the base? It’s a trap? Let’s explore.

Insurers are constantly looking for cost-effective ways, a business with telematics. But to convince the policyholder may seem like your challenge. Yesterday know how passe with more new and complex knowledge in the field of ICT development. Data collection and customer engagement are key to success in Wi-Fi world today. An aspiring policyholder can be sure, allowing the insurer with cutting-edge technologies such as movement-collect to call direct marketing channels, roadside assistance (NSD partners), geo-Analytics and gamification, to name a few. Millennial and Gen Z technophile demographics for the telematics market.

Technical possibilities to reduce risks and discounts to reduce costs. If both of these factors are combined, penetration is easier. In this step, the examiner takes a balanced point of view. Donald light, the Director of the company Celent, a research and consulting company, believes that the combination of the two and discounts can provide a bright future for telematics in Canada. He shared his view during insurance telematics Canada in 2016 in Toronto. We all know allowance behavior are additional bonuses against risky driving. Light and propose to change these drivers to the perception of your trip.

He wants to change the perception of the world? People are paying a price for a product or service on their perception of quality. The same principle applies for the perception to go. If you consider that he took the “best driver” and not for the average driver that he is, in fact, then progress on the implementation of telematics-mobile application discounts for competitive becomes a challenge. Because his self-esteem comes in your way to improve your driving behavior and adoption of disk-like top score criterion for the improvement of his driving style. It is at this stage only for training necessary for the change in perception.

The real purpose of UBI reward is the behavior of drivers on such criteria as speed, acceleration, mobile phone, etc. the majority of the population is mobile and it makes sense for you to implement to reduce telematics-mobile application on their mobile devices, accidents, and also make the driving control of the account to policy premium discounts. Education needs to accept false ideas about driver UBI considers to be fair and understand that is the default behavior of driving.

Education needs to be expanded to ensure cyber security as telematics mobile applications are also vulnerable to cyber attacks. You should be connected through the appropriate context in which 60% of the cars and the load on the network until 2017. This means the individual telematic services address cybersecurity edition is also more recognition on the market needs.

The transition to telematic is a good option; it is also promising for the insurance industry, wants to expand. Cutting technical features that make discounts for the drive system of indicators, as well as the penalties for incorrect driving can lead to increased portability of mobile telematics to attract new mobile subscribers. If these issues are resolved, the auto-insurance market will penetrate easily.

Prime telematics system, copy of the gene provides a fast and efficient two-way communication between the insurer and the client. Copies of the gene mobile app on the basis of the system saves money on hardware and infrastructure costs, and courteous, which reach just about any mobile device or tablet; the driver-anytime, anywhere and offer their business-critical information in real time. Contact us now, and in less than 24 hours you have a solution for all generations.


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