Search Engine Optimization in 2016


The term SEO (incl.k.. Search Engine Optimization) is for itself and has already brought more than enough important in recent years. Now, time has changed and traditional strategies and methods that SEO does not work for the current and coming years.

After various experiments and surveys, it is clear that traditional approaches SEO not the same effect on the visibility of the website and some of them are already ignores most recommended search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN.

On the other hand, Google is the most important person in SEO, there will always be a high focus of SEO specialists who are constantly changing their search algorithms and updated their results for a better user experience. Panda, penguin, pigeon and Hummingbird is only the beginning, Google has even more algorithms.

Everything that we look at it, a warning or a warning that we change our work-effects and needs to go to the next level branding and promotion user experience.

Similar to web design, SEO users also to consider the convenience as a significant factor to more traffic and improve conversions. Now go ahead, SEO is not only for branding, turned him into a better user experience and lead generation technology.

Search engine optimization in 2016

As we all know that traditional SEO is history, and some SEO experts have already perfected their strategies in accordance with Google algorithms and updates. But this law is acceptable?

Rapidly changing strategies and methods, is not ideal, is still acceptable. We need solutions that are rigid and quite useful.

What we need to do to in 2016

Let’s consider Search SEO Experience

In the coming 2016, after we have to think SEO as Search Experience Optimization (SXO) and work. While earlier we were preparing our strategies and methods according to the various search engines, now go ahead, we need to find in accordance with the target group.

Search engine optimization generally, Search Experience Optimization, which depends on the perception of how users will react to this, the results of the search, or as he/she searches for a particular query.

Given the Search Experience Optimization (SXO), branding and promotion, as a rule, there will be more sales, more participants and more visits, but it’s not safe. Because we believe that should always work. Thus, it is no longer relevant and long tail keywords and focus on user experience rather search experience.

More content means more visibility

Google’s hummingbird update warn us that more content in the coming years. The statement “Content is king” comes true and content marketing to lead SEO campaigns. More content means more visibility and more visibility means better coverage.

Content marketing is not a new method in the field of SEO. SEO specialists with this from the beginning, but the placement and proportions have always been varied in accordance with the needs and updates of Google.

On the other hand, Content marketing is a great technique to grab more attention, but it requires more concentration and more active involvement at the time of writing this and engaging content. The content, which includes Writing eyes Falling flags, the right word to use (especially in the first 20 words), the keyword density, the use of lay language and much more.

Content marketing includes: PPT and PDF distributions, article, blog, guestbooks, blogs, message boards, etc.

Capture the Local market for better shops

To increase the range of the enterprise, the rigidity of the Foundation is not required. And for stiffness, it is important to understand enough for a share of the local market. One company, based in the local market, it is easy for SEO to distribute the experts, guaranteed that the company in the international market.

Traditional advertising techniques that work here, but with new outfits, as where we used contact data, as a rule, place a classified on various websites with the least amount of content, and without appropriate instructions from the text, we should focus on correct placement, adequate content, together with the relevant schedules and correct.

SEO works as a lead gen

Search Engine Optimization beats Pay-per-Click on various aspects, for example, more visibility, better coverage and fewer failures. Commonly, SEO newbies think that PPC is the backbone of direct leads or generate leads, but this is not true.

Lead generation depends on determination and better user experience.

Best user INTERFACE, as a rule, the best results

Responsive UI/UX helps to always find the website to get the best click-through-rate, put as different solutions for different platforms is always performance.

According to various statistics, it is clear that users want is a single solution for multiple platforms and multiple solutions for different platforms. Currently, users access to everything through their smartphones, and when the access site from different devices, it will be the best opportunity to grab the user’s attention. Although the content always is, but we cannot evaluate the efficiency of adaptive web design, and after the announcement of “Mobilegeddon neglected”, is a significant aspect to better rank search queries on mobile.

Written by Anurag Gupta freelance copywriter, likes to play with words and to produce meaningful content for the companies associated with it. Here he writes about SEO in 2016, including treatments and a new edge from search engine optimization in the coming years that SEO experts should keep in mind. Keep enjoying to write!


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