Presidential Campaign 2016


2016 presidential campaign fueled by a need to demonstrate the enthusiasm of the masses, disappointments and conflicts asking Americans every day. Gloves. Gloves are not only between political parties and opposing political parties, but instead removes, between the individual and the government.

Gloves were removed, in response to the anger of Americans in search of a better way. They held their tongues, she is trying to behave and not cruel to keep your hands to yourself. They allow the government to control, that’s all. Let the government failed terrorists. Leave of public administration, to companies and “outsourcing” American jobs in the name of “peace”. She went along. We walked along.

Now, however, everyone reacts. Each of all over the world, from different societies, cultures and types of government systems. From terrorists, to everyday life, and people are angry. Flash at campaign events and the recent arrest of one of the campaigns Manager is a response to social and political conditions in which we live. The disappointment felt by the Americans, which is currently shown as verbal and physical outbursts, emotional and sometimes aggressive behavior, the more likely is a reaction to the current state of the Union in response to the words of the President-candidate. The current state of the Union fuel is a notorious fire. If there is a victim or the enemy, the natives are restless.

The natives are restless, creating social and political unrest. The violence is growing, and the government will be able to cope with increased violence, more weapons, and new policies to control something or someone. Then, the next day we read about how “free” we are. We read about our “democracy”, while failing the mention of mob-psychology behind.

1907, Jane Addams, democracy and Social ethics, which States that “the policy is airtight compartment, not on the community. Instead, it is one of the forms of expression of the basic moral habits of a group of people.” Men and women, Addams observed, had “poor in respect of their attitude to the social order itself; against triste round of uninteresting work; the joy of taper to which the appetite, making the shaken consciousness of the brain, and the lack of spiritual food, which characterizes most of his fellow citizens.” To reflect the thoughts and feelings of men and women in the early 1900’s, think the same thoughts and concerns of men and women in 2016. Despite the great technological progress in the dissemination of information on telecommunication systems, combined with the speed of social media is not so much social progress was really achieved in the last 100 years.

Our presidents and political campaigns, which seem to bring the worst in people. This season the worst politicians to seek office. The three most insults against attacks, computer injuries and sometimes violent behavior has reduced, this campaign season to rule the global exhibition immorality of society and individuals that you want to. What’s even more sad that seems to be a lack of understanding of the true meaning of the separation of Church and state. This lack of understanding is looking for a candidate office as well as through individual Americans, which has forgotten the many reasons our ancestors abandoned grounds of England and wrote the Constitution of the United States.proving

Resist we talk about our own morality is given every day in different ways. We thought it was counterproductive and contradictory in both. We argue and protest, our freedom of speech, even not knowing what does freedom of the press. We don’t keep machines running and that the paper was free with our newspaper. We lost with historical data and chain-of-evidence. We allow our President hit hit and then the invasion of our email Inbox wonders.

Big difference between a politician and voters, closes Addams, the difference in “daily practice”. Do “good” from a General policy I think somehow by itself. You may in good faith determine the political objectives, as part of good citizenship, ” explains Adams, “but political effort is not an expression of its moral or social life.” Politician, it seems, are experiencing a different reality in relation to politics than the average citizen.

Thus, the “reform movements”, especially those from the business people and the best element is almost completely occupied, in the section “correction of the political machine” and care for the best method of administration, not to ensure human well-being, closes Addams. Focus on methods and not taking into account that the final goal of municipal administration. Thus, the reform movement, as a rule, loses its educational value for the masses of people. Negative and repressive nature of this election campaign-season debited from direct aggression and assertiveness charges. This is in direct contrast to previous election campaigns, filled with promises of eternal hope and goodwill towards men – if he is elected.


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