Predictions for Direct Marketing Tactics in the Coming 2016


One of the most volatile and impulsive forms of marketing that exists today is direct marketing. Although the industry offers direct communication with target customers and present your product to you, but with limitations and risks. As in other industries, direct marketing has flourished even at huge volume levels in 2015, thanks to the mobile applications developers who have made a significant contribution to the development of direct marketing this year. With the advent of mobile apps that get things a lot easier for brands and companies worldwide to communicate directly with your customers through innovative media.

Here are defined the main predicted direct marketing strategy for 2016, which as a whole:

Mobile Is The Rule

Growing trends in mobile app development will dominate in the near future and take on the marketing efforts of brands that are owned by any industry with a storm very soon. The world already has meaning to the business banked is generated by using mobile phone devices and rapid growth can never be emphasized enough. To get into such as smart-phones in use mass in both developing and developed countries and people with mobile applications for daily meaning that mobile applications use to generate sales can never be, is a phenomenon that continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Social Change Leads

Everyone knows the power of social media today. Brands are constantly at work, and you to rejuvenate your image, and pause image from its competitors through social networks. Growth in the use of social media has huge potential for companies around the world and continues the company’s ability to achieve its objectives through sales targeting customers through social media sites. Social media advertising opens a whole new dimension in the field of online marketing for brands around the world, where you the audience can relay targeted messages to her.

E-Mail marketing is growing

According to a recent study the American journal marketers, in 2015, E-Mail marketing has led to rise 21% of sales, in addition to other marketing tools. E-Mail marketing is a form of direct marketing has shown that a steady and continuous growth of the past years and with the advent of mobile technology, is all set to revolutionize, direct marketing, media.

SMS marketing

Another form of direct marketing that have helped big sales SMS marketing with your customers directly and to offer special deals and discounts that you engaged further positive sale. Looking at the upward trend of SMS marketing, we can only say in advance, it will definitely a role in much better way in the Internet marketing media coming n 2016.


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