Laptop Buying Guide for 2016


When buying a new laptop then certainly looking at a number of places, such as on-line and off-line. In any case, you undoubtedly will run in the specifications for each model. What do these things mean?


CPU or Central processing unit brain of any computer. Is a component that does almost all the operations. The better your processor, the more applications you can run maybe at the same time. Also a good processor will allow you to play enjoy high-definition and games.

Almost all the processors that are integrated into laptops now come with multiple cores. It is a good thing, since multi-core environment allows multiple processes (applications) are performed, which leads to efficient multitasking. Your goal for the new laptop will have a quad-core-area, that is, the CPU on four cores.


Storage system is another thing that should be considered. It complements the processor provides a smooth experience. The more RAM, the more applications can run simultaneously without problems.


Hard drive is another component, which provides high speed and capacity determines. Capacity determines the number of things you can save on your computer, and the speed determines the rate at which this material was written either to disk or from disk to read. Your goal should be to have a SSD as they do not rely on spinning disks and records data.

Hard drives or hard drives rely on rotating platters to record and read information, and means 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm version) quite limited in their speed (to carry most laptops either. Hybrid drives use the elderly, HDD-SSD technology and new integrations, but they do not offer the full benefit of SSD.


Another thing you want to look at it, perhaps the battery life. If you travel a lot, then you need something with a large number of Autonomous work. Most ultra-books now boast a battery life up to 15 hours, some even exceed this threshold.


While desktop computers require a separate screen, laptops bring in their own screen with them. If you don’t plan on using the secondary display, the display of your laptop should be good.

If resolution is not important to you, you can get a way with a 15.4-inch laptop does what 1366 x 768 pixels. But if you want a laptop for graphic design / entertainment or games, then you should probably full HD-resolution, anyway. Some models even come with 2K or 4K screens, so make sure you take this into account when you decide what to buy.


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