Everything You Need To Know About the Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to smart gadgets. Due to the continuous improvement of technology, many new gadgets on the market, which we say every year many new features and different designs, especially when about mobile phones. Collection Galaxy from Samsung has a large place in the hearts of fans of smartphones due to its unique and top features. Every new product from Samsung comes with some interesting features and shortcomings. We discuss everything about the upcoming publication of Samsung Galaxy S7.


Galaxy S7 updated version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was in the first quarter of last year. The phone was launched, some great opportunities that did not care other smartphones of the brand. The phone is not much different from the old Galaxy S6 design and features, but with a few changes and additions.

Comparison with the Galaxy S6, which was ACE mobile phone of its time, the Galaxy S7 is a much better version from the Korean company. The phone is quite unique in design and look smarter than S6 iPhone and other high-end phones. The screen quality is just incredible and incomparable. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that a full-fledged phone with endless features in a little box. The phone is a hit and can hold your iPhone 6 to replace.

Main Features:

· 5.1 Inch, Quad High Definition Display

· 12 MP Rare camera

· 5-megapixel camera on the front panel

· 3,000 mAh battery

· Fast wireless charging.

· Supports microSD memory card up to 200GB and more.

· 4 GB of RAM

· Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

· 8890 Exynos Octa Processor

· Item color: gold or Black

The Wait Is Over:

The wait is finally over since the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in stores 11. In March 2016. It is expected that Samsung will be watching, most likely, record-to end sales 2. Quarter of 2016. Unlike other brands like HTC, Sony, Apple, Samsung interested in don’t seem to make all changes in design and display, like other brands, the first to focus. Most likely, new technologies and introduces undesirable design and display fixed bugs from previous designs.

However, both have Galaxy S phones seem quite different in design. If you fold, you will see a significant difference.


· Front and back panel covered with Gorilla glass 4.

· Metal wheels between the front and rear glass.

· The camera lens just above the flash with glass body.

· Lock/power button and the volume buttons on the other.

· The curves of your body, more of a great feeling.

· Slim body and soft on the hands.

· Speaker to be placed down on the back

· The SIM card holder, microSD card slot and microphone are designed on top.

· A different microphone, headphone Jack and micro-USB ports located on the bottom.

· Home, back and detail button is located right under the display at the bottom.

· The house brings down the fingerprint sensor.


· 5.1 inch, Quad HD Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

· Bright Color Production.

· Sharp detail.

· Always-On-Display that remains for the convenience of the user to check missed calls, time and many other features.

· Incredible touch system.

· Control mode.

Read · quite difficult in Sunny weather.

The whole design is the wow factor of the phone attractive and attractive gadget makes it. The feeling is great, beautiful and presentable with the perfect size and there’s nothing else too many victims for this gorgeous phone.

Performance And Camera:

Wrap just review, if we talk about the performance of Samsung galaxy S7 is much faster than the Samsung Galaxy series. That 8890 CPU too conventionally with four cores with a clock frequency of 2.6 GHz and other four at 1.59 GHz. Overall, in combination with the Mali-T880 GPU. The camera is simply not comparable with the 12 mega pixel HD technology. Front camera will allow you exciting selfie with 5 mega pixels HD screen, There are also some attractive long functions with which you can boast among your friends and family.


· Great Camera Quality.

· Fantastic View.

· Stylish design.

· IP68 water-resistance.

· Always-On-display.

· Awesome low light photography.

· High performance 70 percent faster than other high-tech smartphones.


· Power-the battery may have been changed to a more powerful.

· Bad Speaker.

· Fingerprint magnet.

· TouchWiz still has some drawbacks.

· Limited Storage.

· Unlock version not available.

· Mobile phone is not extended, US-C and not with the old USB system.

· Inept placement of the fingerprint scanner.


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