Do Robots Dream of Profits?


My 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter loves it when I also tell them about new technologies. And do not hesitate to придавил me to the information, if you want to experience new technologies, I’ll tell you about them.

“If we go to the food-what is the 3-D printer?” asked my son recently, when I showed him the Video machines.

“Whether we go to school in self driving a car?” like children, cars around Pittsburgh heard requested by self-driving.

However, the technology is most interesting for you is that many “adults” most of the fear…

“Adults” often see robots as a growing threat, regardless of whether we are about our safety, or simply our work. I’m sure you have comments that claim that the robot will destroy everything.

Firstly, they occupy our jobs to do so that to us with anything, which leads to high unemployment and the impoverishment of the people replaced.

Secondly, can destroy the robots and our hard work, because they are not only our work, especially in relation to the processing of boring, monotonous and heavy physical work.

Thirdly, robots, and technologies that determined the basis for their artificial intelligence and machine language, a world of complexity unmanageable, causing incredible damage.

However, the majority of people up to 30 years, not just the world. The digital technology has been with you since your birth. Their world is populated by computers, mobile phones, Tablets, Streaming music and Film. See the technological changes unfold year after year-this is the only way how you experience the world.

And that makes young people tend to be, the introduction of new technologies such as 3-D printing, unmanned vehicles, and robots.

Add robots in production in America

Well, quite simply young people, inexperienced and naive to refuse. You are not supposed to be in location, the impact of these technological developments in the world.

However, if you look at how quickly we all – including us “adults” – have immediately, without satisfaction of the habits of young people – Facebook, SMS, with the help of applications like Google Maps or waze to navigate in different places, or Google to search for information – he says that to ensure that young people make, gives you a Heads up on which technologies are successfully adopted.

Now companies around the world, the introduction of technologies to benefit from what I think it the most valuable technology Trend: the Internet of things (iot).

And robots are one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of this Revolution are many.

Companies in the United States and Canada ordered 14,583 robot to a value of 817 million dollars in the first half of 2016, according to the Association for the promotion of the automation. This is a new record, surpassing the old record in the same period of the previous year.

A glance at these figures, we see that the automotive industry increased their purchases of the robot at 14% and the food and light industry, has expanded their purchases to 41%.

According to the forecasts of the Boston Consulting Group show, without having to slow down coming expenditure for robots in the industry, with the company, the expected growth of expenditure on 122%, to $ 24 billion per year by 2025.

Profits for the future

I believe that subtrend robotics Revolution, Internet of things creates a massive winner in the stock market… just like Microsoft and Intel are benefiting from business-PCs, Google from search on the Internet and of mobile Apple computers.

There are Mega-technological Revolution that is unfolding now, thanks to Yves. One of the most important elements of this Revolution of the robot used in factories to make everything, from cars to aircraft, to packaged food.

Robots are even more important, since the cost for this technology is increasing in the next 10 years.


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