Digital Signage Trending Beyond Fad


Life was connected, of course, smaller than smartphones. For example, before most people knew Apple was more than just a delicious fruit, I was lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view), was one of the first smartphones on the market, the Toshiba Pocket PC. If you’ve never heard of this product, probably to worry about, because it was made at the time you were born or otherwise too young.

What I remember about this phone? Nothing glamorous. It was slow, cumbersome to use, prone to breakdowns, required a reboot about as often as Windows 95, also crash with blue screen of death ” at the event!

And when I think that a little more, I know the same can be said about legacy digital signage systems.

It just so happens, I had the opportunity to participate in the growing digital signage industry in the 90 years the same ten years was invented by the original smartphones. Yeah, when I think about digital signage in the 90-ies, can I close easily, he was too slow, cumbersome to use, prone to glitches, restart, about as often as Windows 95, also crash with the blue screen of death ” at the event!

However, if I sum up digital signage since the 90-ies up to recent years, I have to say that, despite all its shortcomings and limitations, it was glamorous. How about you? How do you feel about digital signage in your childhood? Try this; think back to the first time she saw the flat-panel TV. They were probably banned with his slim physique and seductive-HD resolution. If not banned, you may remember, even with the gag in his mouth price with early plasma panels costs about $10 THOUSAND. each.

Peering into 2014 and in addition, I think we can safely say that digital signage is about glamorous-it’s a bona fide medium-at least for advertisers. For example, in 2013, Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) summit in new York, the panelists agreed that location-based advertising (you think digital sign media) would grow up to 2017 (from 5% to 25%). “I think place-based will dewaxing [other media] because it is a special approach to clients,” said Chris Paul, CEO of VivaKi AOD from. “It’s only a question of technique, terminology and understanding of the industry are synchronous, before we see dramatic changes.”

What dramatic changes is Paul, alluding to this? May 2013 ANA/Nielsen survey has the answer. The survey States that to increase in the next three years the importance of integrated multi-screen campaigns expected to sharply, by 20 percent from the purchase of digital media today, expected to grow 50 percent by 2016.

We could hold the attributes that cause such optimism. According to the survey, the increase in spending on multi-screen campaigns three basic things you will require:

Verification that advertising achieved the desired result (recorded on 71% of respondents)
Unified metrics on the screens (61 percent)
Verification that advertising was delivered to the right audience (59%)
You are one of those who still think digital signage is a fad? Heads-up! After the AdNation news article, Digital Place-based Media, what’s next?, there is good reason to believe that it’s here to stay. The article is a sociological study David Krupp, CEO of Kinetic, who share information about what degree of women to “DO MORE” antiperspirant campaign reported.

To see “the place by embracing the media in gyms, likely from women while you are working, the study showed that the consumer is better to remember (56%) and to buy a stronger intention (62%) than in the control group. Krupp described degree as ‘the right brand for the right environment”, because in this place-based campaign, it reached a large scale of consumers, who were to remember correctly configured, the product.”

So digital signage went from glamorous to a medium to store almost overnight. He started as the Cam technology with a glamorous atmosphere. Eccentric because no one knows exactly what to do and how best to use and it was unfriendly and inconvenient to manage.

But glamour is not only to build markets. Results construction of markets, because investors put their money where opportunities look promising, and digital signage was aimed at obtaining results. Looking forward to 2014 and what’s more, we can now guess at where digital signage is heading, and we don’t have to look any further than the popularity of smartphones, online gaming devices, tablets and the Internet itself.

What do these popular technologies all have in common? The only thread that connects everything with each other, occurs in the form of interaction. Digital signage yesterday behaved more like our parents ” – TV-broadcast-message to its viewers, most likely, without a communication plan. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but a great chance for digital signage, going forward, has nothing to do with dedication. Dedication is the right path for all types of digital media, including advertising, branding, infotainment, videos, movies, games and social media in General.

Please comment and let me know where it breaks digital signage in 2014 and beyond.

David little is the founder of Digital Screen Media club with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to communicate effectively. For more on digital signage-ideas from Keywest Technology, visit our website for many useful tips and examples. More in-depth study Keywest Technology, download our digital information, official documents and case studies.


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