6 Ways Email Marketing Will Rise in 2016 and How You Can Leverage Your Strategies


There are many who believe that E-Mail marketing has a back seat to other forms of impact such as social media and smartphone application. But times will soon change.

In fact, you’ve probably noticed that the level of responsiveness decreased during the last two years. This has less to do with a shift towards other forms of media and especially such as E-Mail presents. As search engines continuously update their algorithmic requirements of search engine exposure, it is likely that up to 2016 and, in addition, the re concentration in email campaigns. How to use the best methods to make the most of this approach?

Clear To Integrate Social Media Connections

The key word here is quite CLEAR. Too often the only link to social media page to E-Mail the purchased link on Facebook or Twitter. They clearly represent this link exceedingly and put it on the top and bottom of the article itself. This widget needs a lot more than the hyperlink. Thus, it should be ideally, well-known Facebook or Twitter symbol, followed by “follow us” statement or similar. It has been shown that email in combination with social media is the CTR up to 115% higher than E-Mail alone. There’s just no reason not to use it, take the following figures.

Theming Negative

Some marketers will just tend to focus on those customers who make purchases and stay loyal. It is a serious mistake. You should also pay attention to those who abandoned you, your cart or those who are not able to complete user registration. In any case these default sales. The fact that you were almost ready to sign, or purchase clearly means that they can still be on the proverbial fence. Timeliness of action is key here. As soon as the trigger event, it needs to enter the appropriate E-Mail will be sent within two hours. This E-Mail will be based on the action that the client should use. Assuming that the customer left in the cart, an email with the headline as this may be relevant:

“We noticed that you do not buy our product. Don’t worry… it’s still available. Click here to buy it now.”

This is a passive call-to-action, not too overwhelming, while still tone shopper that you care about your business.

Interactive Infographics

While infographics are a great opportunity to attract the attention of your email recipient, they’re just images. Without the ability to take immediate action, which could be lost a potential sale. All infographics must contain clickable images that direct readers to a specific page on your website. It’s much more appealing than a simple “home” icon at the bottom of the email. Customers want comfort and the ability to navigate directly to the page (like a checkout or a product description). This will encourage them to become more active. Although some is common sense, there is a thing that a lot of information are charts but significantly more than the pictures.

Addressing Email Filter

E-Mail filter can the death of the marketing campaign. How many people these gateways to “strict”, there is a very real chance that logo-loading-message will be blocked and sent to spam folder. Although logos and graphics are important, flat text with hyperlinks to their pages are much more likely to be adopted. This concept is especially important during the first E-Mail (as in new customers or first time buyer). In fact, many successful companies give their customers a solution to receive electronic mail, or flat, rich text or HTML. This will virtually guarantee that all future updates will be sent. Not only is email considered as spam will be read rarely, but such an Association could damage the image of your company.

Exit strategy

There are many marketers who constantly bombard the receiver with e-mail, long after you have stopped the confrontation with society. This is a big mistake. First, it is a unnecessary costs, and in-house resources of clients could be better dedicated active. Secondly, it will give your company a negative image over time. The last thing you want to search on the Internet for your business and you will receive an assessment, which States: “Good stores, but they kept me flooded with email; I had to cancel. Most automated E-Mail will configure systems so that after a certain number of messages that the client be it from the active list. After that, quarterly updates are the best way.

Automated Software

Most companies operate automated E-Mail marketing software for their clients. However, what worked perhaps in 2014 or 2015 could be very good currently obsolete. It is important to keep you up to date with the latest trends. A handful of key elections in 2015 (so far), GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft. It’s all very flexible solutions that can be implemented in your office in no time. They are also very simple and intuitive, very little orientation is to be held. So you will save time and money. As this list is constantly changing, it is a good idea stay tuned for latest updates. Some up-and-coming patterns that you notice as 2016 approaches and Marketo Zettasphere.


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