6 Solid Opportunities for Startups in 2016


According to Thomas oppong from AllTopStartups.com there are a few trends for startups in 2016. He predicts that in the coming year, several waves crashing in front. Some startups ride those waves to success, others drown in them. These trends and opportunities:

big data
Privacy policy
the best Analytics
content marketing
greater use of freelance contractors versus full-fledged employees and
increasing alternative payment options.
This not only gives more startups sprouting in these specializations and industries for startups in all industries need to assess their business and marketing see plans for 2016, the business cycle, whether you ‘ re positioned to optimize this trend.

1. Big Data or bust?

Once upon a time, only the big boys could afford to benefit from big data. Recently, though, the cat out of the bag and a growing number of firms and companies to collect data and sale on installments even the little guys can yourself. Part of this trend stems from how open people are on social media sites and profiles and you are ready to interact with advertising and promotional platform.

Complex and specific data can eliminate the bets to play in the demographics and audiences. Although the population was drawn speculation about how data is collected, most people can realize and understand that big data has some pretty practical benefits. What can you play in your company in 2016

2. Better Safe Than Sorry

2015’ve seen a lot of data security fails, not only for startups but for established players as well. Things are likely the same, valid until 2016. The more companies invest in cloud and hybrid cloud technologies, it will likely further growth in the industry. What’s your biggest data-security-risks? Or will your start, single-use-features of the premium safety features?

3. Better Dashboards

So far, most analytical dashboards are active and dynamic, that the user to manipulate the data to find what you are looking for. In the near future, these panels will be more passive. Instead, they sit and exploitation of the platform the platform is running on autopilot in the background and notifies you in event of significant changes in the indicators of measurement. This gives you more control over your information to another real-time Mode. In fact, the trend toward automation in other areas, too – with a strong concentration in marketing-related functions will show themselves.

The edit panels? Ain ‘ T nobody got time fo.

4. Content marketing is here to Stay

Content marketing has become a key word in 2015. Buzzzzzz. You don’t expect to change things in 2016. Content marketing is a key component of the trend toward inbound marketing that not only performs effectively in the production of more, but, making it cheaper than traditional outbound marketing and advertising at points of sale, such as TV, radio and print. In fact, HubSpot reports that inbound marketing brings in about 54% more leads than traditional paid marketing collects and saves advertising costs the average business $20,000 in annual! Traditional smaditional.

This brings us to the next trend 2016…

5. Just-In-Time Staff

Startups are always pressed for resources, and a significant portion of them end up in human resource Department. Than traditional advertising at points of sale remains on the road, and a number of more traditional workforce models. The salary is huge. Thus, the advantages and other benefits.

Today, the trend of start-UPS in investment, as much as they can used in building-the best founding team and then rotate to fill the contract, freelancers, to in the intervals, when and how. Virtual assistants are just as effective as the admission of ladies. Content marketing does not require you handle, every blog has free pages to store steadily, the content sources at a surprisingly low price.

Position your new startup can be supplemented by freelance-the team compared with ordinary staff? It is estimated that 33% of the American workforce is now black work and freelancing. Business Insider predicts that the number grows by 40% by 2020.

6. We Take That?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, decided revolutionaire the concept of digital payments and other important players, to take part in the action. Mobile payments are steadily on the rise, as well as dollars to the General payment systems in their stores, with which you can pay directly from your PayPal account. Gone are the days where just every trading account. Today there’s a great need for a change. Looking for all-in-one payment system, update regularly, so you can say Yes, regardless of what alternative payment system to throw clients your way!

Matt “shakin hands” Holmes is a speaker, author and founder of hands are Shakin video series: with today’s top entrepreneurs on the best networking strategies. After the interrogation, venture capital firms, members of Congress and billionaires, Matt was.on numerous podcasts, exchange, advice, strategic networking and building relationships


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