5 Trends That Are Setting Pace For Business Online In 2016


The Internet has become pretty unpredictable and constantly changing, as it always has. In addition, with the advent of new technologies, equipment and applications, the Internet is spreading its ‘tentacles’ even more in different aspects from the point of view of the online stores. If you are a business and you haven’t started looking for a way to get all the benefits of this, then what are you waiting for? These changes in technology is determined by many deep changes, many companies around the world. No confusing of entrepreneurs, maintained by the lack of, believe me, not only for small entrepreneurs and self-employed web. Some of the largest companies in the world with huge funds and labour will win a ‘waster’ their chances of these changes that have occurred.

If you are reading this article, then you want to be aware of the online trends affect Internet business. So go ahead and turn off your E-Mail and your phone so you ignore for a few minutes, and to pay serious attention because you are going to learn some crucial changes are happening now, and those that occur in the near future of what to say.

1. Video Take advertising starts

You’ve probably seen these small ads in the search page in Bing or Google Search bar – sponsored advertising, which is based only text and don’t always pay attention. Well, it’s safe to say that while they do not go, they will disappear in the near future, they will be ignored when many marketers who are looking for the best way to connect with your audience. We refer to live is here. Video is certainly nothing new, since social stations such as YouTube to host billions of videos and marketing platforms such as Bing and Facebook offer video options for advertisers. With IN-SERP video advertising works on Google, it seems that every always be attaching to this kind of promoting from the day. The possibilities are endless, such a significant increase in video advertising comes from companies expect-and, of course, entrepreneurs looking for more coverage for your online business.

2. Mobile devices desktop will dominate the computer

Although this seems like a statement, but you will be very wrong if you can imagine that even for a minute! 2015 has recorded a significant growth in the use of mobile browser to access web sites and the growth will increase. Not only desktop computers-transport accepted, published in mobile traffic, a further upgrade to a new algorithm, which expires sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing. This is a huge step in the direction of the mobile sites. To say even more, Google that as a business owner, you mobile Friendly website. That tells you just how important mobile traffic for site owners. Google is likely stop investors to the fact that to exist in the long term, desktop traffic and mobile traffic will take over completely. However, depending on how things are at the moment, you should know that in the coming years in the online shop are carried out, especially when mobile devices.

3. Indexing applications mass cross application development

Google app indexing for quite some time now, however, as the search positions for applications more demanding, many companies are aware of opportunities, more exposure for your business online. Applications can do almost everything that can make any website. This does not mean that you are going to replace, sites, completely, but it certainly has the pace to another carrier in 2016 and beyond. Perhaps you have the opportunity to invest in the application as time goes, because if not, they leave a lot of traffic for your competitors.

4. Digital Assistants Are The New Optimization

Digital benefits such as Cortana, Siri and Google Now was created to help us when we try to find things on the Internet to search the web is easy. Undoubtedly, the traditional methods of SEO and PPC marketing is the most popular now, as it relates to your website known to many people from many parts of the world. But the participants in this master will lead to a new optimization, and you need to think about. Here’s what you need to do think that your websites and content easily accessible to these digital assistants. Agreed, these helpers make use of Google to deliver the search your search results, but if you want to stay ahead of the pack, if you do online shopping, you need to optimize things a bit differently from the way you use to do it.

5. Wearable Technology

It can also be a little further in the future than other trends, but it is not so far. Technologies such as smart watches will change the online business for a long time. Opportunities for advertising that will be using these smart, portable devices forever. Soon they will become household devices, such as desktop computers and laptops to them. Get ready for a whole new world of marketing platform, when it finally happens. It’s maybe a little further into the future.


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