5 Marketing Trends to Boost Your Campaigns This 2016


If you follow the sales of its products or services that you really need to tendencies, so you will not be left behind in this growing world. To be successful with your plans, you have to find a way together with the development of technology. Their marketing strategy must be based on how technology is developing so that you can catch up on the latest developments and allow your organization to the optimum level. Here are 5 marketing trends to boost your campaigns in 2016.

Effect photos
In recent years, the importance of images incredibly enlarge. A lot of people in Social networks photos, most likely, the higher the status, to Express your emotions. This is because people understand something better when you see something than just reading a very plain text.

Use pictures to their products is one of the trends in 2016. There are plans to improve their campaigns because people are more and more to understand when you see the pictures and texts than just providing plain texts without any artful background. A good idea is the use of eye-catching and high-resolution photos, easy to attract people.

Video Rules
Video people are attracted to, especially if the video is very presentable. The researchers found that online video observers to increase beyond measure. According to statistics, online video watcher, they are expected to double to 2016. This is the reason why video is very important when it comes to marketing. Social media to advertise your videos is really important for your campaign to know to success, that there are many people that these advertisements can from time to time.

When creating a video, make sure you only last a few seconds. Not too much on your video. They do not need to be very specific, but it must contain the entire history of a product or service to understand for the audience and enjoy it.

Advertising via mobile
As you plan your strategies for marketing, you have to be mobile phones. Know how your designs will appear on the phone. So how many people currently are more interested in their android smartphones, not laptops or computer, it is extremely important that the projects give their ads on the phone a wonderful experience for mobile users.

Fast Growing Social Media
About 5 years ago, Facebook will be more important than any other type of social media site. Today, many other fast social media sites is growing quickly and maybe there will come a time in which they more popular than Facebook and post your ads on these pages one of the key strategies to increase your campaigns in 2016. Examples of these sites on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Mobile Payments
In the previous paragraph it is mentioned that mobile phones will continue to be much more important than before. All that can be done of comfort for your clients is important marketing strategy. Mobile payments are currently becoming increasingly popular. They will not be used more convenient than ATMs because customers have to find their ATM to get cash. All you need to do is use your mobile phone to pay always in the pocket product.


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