5 Cyber Threats Puzzling AngularJS Web & App Development Companies in 2016


According to Gartner, by 2020, the vulnerability of the Internet of things the main reason will attack for 25% of enterprise data. And 40% of IT companies, compliance with DevOps culture to ensure extradition will resort to introspection, self-diagnosis and self-protection technology to backup your apps. In a situation, individuals and companies are either involved in AngularJS web development or web design services should know what are the main cyber threats.

Spend 5 trending cyber threats in 2016. Some have appeared in the past, but experts warn against a very strong comeback.

Retail Data Of The Offender

This type of malicious programs aim retail sites and apps and their potential victims are other innocent buyers. The attackers trick to disclose or share your personal or financial details, including credit, debit card information, TAN-numbers etc. by malicious software. This sneaky practice is phishing. AngularJS web developer, retail web, you must make application, serious brainstorming on the subject, to develop themselves, their practices and deliver reliable products that can stay that is safe from such malicious programs.

Mobile Threats

With desktop computers and laptops Dodo to leave, and the way the phone is always the dominant digital media consumption, the hackers also transfer their attention to the new platform. They are trying to introduce, vulnerabilities in mobile web sites and applications to steal personal and confidential information from consumers. Its a special race from the threat of capture of keystrokes and screen can monitor. Therefore, the construction trade, communications, health care or other applications that require storage of personal information users, developers should use the latest patches or updates, using AngularJS library.

Social Media Attacks

When you consider that consumers spend a significant amount of time (about 1.72 hours per day on social networks, online criminals were to move their focus to social sites and applications. They are implementation of highly sophisticated techniques to steal your confidential information, including passwords and social security numbers of users. Therefore, during the creation of social messaging should use websites or apps developer AngularJS, advanced tools, and libraries. Proper sandbox should be implemented so that client-side users do not have access to the backend of the template.

Data In Healthcare Hacks

We agree that the digitalization of the health system benefit administrators, specialists and the patient, as well as the development of medical data is vulnerable to online threats. According to the security report, medical records were sold at 10 times higher price than other data in the black market. Cryptowall ransomware Dyre, dropper and a few malware programs that wrecked havoc on the sector of medical services in the past.

So AngularJS developers to create websites and apps for medical clients, you should pay particular attention to the suppression of such attacks. You should.creating web and mobile applications, standards compliance regulatory health authorities such as HIPAA (USA), NHS (UK), health Canada and others as seconded through the government of the region where the client is running

Attacks on banks

I think you mean the attack ‘Carbanak’? In 2015, some unknown hackers had managed to skim in the amount of about $ 500 million from Bank accounts of the Russians, Americans, Germans and other nationalities. Should developers use the latest security-restrict functions and features and AngularJS to build robust applications and websites, such attacks and secure the interest with the parties their lawyers. Perhaps you deserve the best reward will be, i.e. the level of customer satisfaction.


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